Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you 100% online?

Yes. All assignments, lectures, labs and exams are provided in an online-exclusive format.

How are lectures conducted?

Lectures are conducted @ Classroom & additional and advanced support on Practice sessions, Doubt clarifications and Assessments are LIVE ONLINE, with time for REVISION at the end of each session.

Can I not use only ONLINE COACHING?

Yes you may but make sure you have excellent guidance since ONLINE supports only on Doubt clarifications 24/7 but all assessments and evaluations happen only to class room students.

Our curriculum is structured to be completed by the Class at the same time provide you with complete support anytime anywhere. 


Student Resources

  • Our students have access to: 
  • Online Application for Doubt clarification.
  • Live sessions with Faculties
  • Career placement and guidance
  • Award-winning honors programs
  • ​Much, much more!

Mission Statement

Committed to provide the most Advanced & Easy methodology of Coaching thus reach Educational Excellence.

Enhance the Power of Knowledge to all communities, irrespective of Religion, Caste, Creed & Stature.

Featured Program

Our Onsite Abacus coaching in Schools is an exclusive program for students integrated with the school curriculum providing extended coaching during school hours.

Enrollment: From 1st Std to 6th Std.

​Contact us today to enroll.