We are aware not only children as adults ourselves we would take not less than a minute to calculate 19384 - 32948, but once your kid spares 30 minutes a day on the Smart-Kid Abacus Instrument on our exercise book & materials he/she can do complex calculations within seconds in mind.It is a Global understanding today and is been proved that abacus calculation techniques are one of the fastest ways for calculations, specially when we bump into huge number factors. We help the Children learn while playing. Make your kid a Genius in not only Maths but overall growth with sturdy mental concentration and remembrance. Abacus is not a syllabus to memorize the theory but a practical game to keep playing on a visualized abacus in the mind.INSPIREleading the way, let your kid learn the Smart way of practicing Abacus with us. This is a Skill by itself which improves along with age and an effective way to improve MEMORY - CONCENTRATION - GRASPING We atINSPIREdo not push kids to learn but allow them to practice as a continuous fun. Only 30 minutes a day. The Mental Arithmetic technique is an easy way of mastering the art of mathematics and Abacus is the key to the ladder. Abacus in a way assists children to develop concentration and patience with regular and systematic exercise the wayINSPIREpractices makes one, more focused, sharper and stronger.




Pioneer in Abacus training in the last 6 years across regions and associated with
extending our training academics.
Abacus is a brain development course designed especially for children in the age
group of 5-15 years. Our courses promote whole brain development by stimulating
the brain which leads to enhancing of skills such as visualization, concentration,
recalling power, photographic memory, speed accuracy & listening skills.
These skills lead to greater confidence in students to succeed in school curriculum
& also in all walks of life